ViaBTC Token - VIAT
A Value-added Services & Privileges Scheme
·2 billion total volume ·Fixed supply ·Releases via DUO Mining
About ViaBTC Token
Launched on June 5th, 2016, ViaBTC has become the world's leading Bitcoin mining pool with strong technical strength and has launched a number of competitive cryptocurrency pools. In addition, with the release of Wallet, Blockchain Explorer, Mall and other products, ViaBTC has become the world’s leading platform of digital mining.
ViaBTC Token (VIAT) is an official value-added services and privileges scheme and it is issued on Wormhole protocol. VIAT is used as “gas” and value transfer tool and VIAT holders are entitled with various privileges on ViaBTC. The token and the total VIAT supply is fixed at 2 billion.
About DUO Mining
50% of VIAT (1 billion VIAT) will be released and issued via the method of “DUO Mining”. Aside from the regular mining payouts, ViaBTC miners will also receive extra VIAT via DUO Mining: VIAT to receive per day = Market value of Miner’s daily mining yields / Market value of the pool's total daily mining yields * VIAT to release daily
VIAT Privileges
Repurchase & burning
ViaBTC will buy back and "burn" VIAT with 20% of its quarterly revenue at the end of each quarter. This will reduce the total amount of VIAT steadily on a benign deflation model. The repurchase details will be announced timely and the “burning” transactions are available for checking on the blockchain to ensure transparency.
Fee discount
Users with certain amount of VIAT holdings can have extra privileges, such as fee discount in pool and exclusive customer support.
Circulating privileges
VIAT can be used as payment for Miner purchase, transaction acceleration, ViaBTC souvenirs etc.
Participate in ViaBTC operation
VIAT holders can participate in planning of ViaBTC operations, building and improving ViaBTC ecosystem together with the ViaBTC team.
Value transfer tool
ViaBTC Token is used as “gas” and value transfer tool in ViaBTC ecosystem.
More privileges
We will add more application and privileges to ViaBTC Token in the near future.

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