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  • Miner setting

    1. Stratum URL

    Pools Stratum URL
    BTC Pool stratum+tcp://
    BCH Pool stratum+tcp://
    LTC Pool stratum+tcp://
    ZEC Pool stratum+tcp://
    DASH Pool stratum+tcp://

    1. Please remove “stratum+tcp://” in URL when using Antminers bulk setting.

    2. Port 25 or 443 is available too.

    3. Miners with big hashrates are welcome to contact our account manager for fee discount info: +86 136 7018 8335 (WhatsApp)

    2. Create worker

    Create a worker in the form of "UserID.workerID" and any password for it. WorkerID should consist of numbers and lowercase letters no longer than 64 characters.

    E.g. If your user ID is viabtc, your worker name could be "viabtc.001". Password is optional.

    3. Pool setting

    Take Antminer for instance: After logging in, go to "Status" - "Miner Configuration" for pool setting and click "Save&Apply" to start mining.

    To ensure stable mining status, we recommend all users to set 3 ports so that when one of them fails to connect, the miners will be systematically switched to the next port and continue working.

  • Payment method

    You can set payment method for mining via “Settings” - “Mining Setting” to choose different modes.

  • Hashrate fluctuation alert

    You can set hashrate fluctuation thresholds and notice methods via “Settings” - “Hashrate fluctuation notification”.

  • Account setting

    You can set these following info via “Settings” - “Account setting”: Email, mobile number, Google authentication, login password, payment password etc.

  • Authorize account hosting

    You can authorize hosting via “Settings” - “Account setting” and synchronize the following data to another Main account: Miner monitoring, hashrate fluctuation, income summary etc. Please note that data synchronization is not available for sub accounts.

    Authorized user can see their hosting accounts and check account details by clicking user ID at right upper corner.

  • Sub account

    You can create sub accounts in "Sub account" - "Manage" and click "Add sub account". Each sub account will display its mining income separately and you can set different wallet addresses to receive daily payouts.

  • API key

    You can use API to get account info via “Settings” - “API Key”.

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