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  • Signing in

    Didn't receive SMS code

    It might take a while due to overcrowded SMS network, please try again later.

    Didn't receive email

    It might be caused by the following reasons:

    1. Wrong email account.

    2. Email was mistakenly marked as "Trash" or "Deleted".

    3. Email server rejected or delayed.

    If you still fail to receive any SMS or email, please use a different number or address.

    2-factor authentication

    To guarantee your asset safety, 2-factor authentication is required by default to sign in. You can switch on or off sign-in authentication in "Settings" - "Password setting".

  • Payment time

    All your mining profit will be calculated and allocated on an hourly basis while auto withdrawals are made between 10:00-18:00 (GMT+8) every day.

    Payment delay

    If you fail to receive your mining income of yesterday after 18:00, it might be caused by the following reasons:

    1. Payment system error: Please contact our account manager and we will fix the system as soon as possible.

    2. Cryptocurrency network overcrowded: Please be patient and wait for network confirmation.

    3. No new block mined due to bad luck: As soon as ViaBTC has mined a new block, all your transactions will be broadcast and paid, so please be patient.

    4. Pool data synchronization delayed: ViaBTC R&D team will attend to it as soon as the issue arises.

    5. Lower than minimum withdrawal limit: Auto withdrawals will resume when your payouts reach the minimum requirement.

    6. Large withdrawal: Large withdrawals need manual auditing and will be completed in 24 hours.

    Estimated Daily Yield

    Estimated Daily Yield is calculate by network difficulty and PPS+ or PPLNS fee, and at the same time, we offer a comparison with PPS method. Ratio of PPS = Estimated Daily Yield/PPS Daily Yield.

    Declining mining income

    The mining difficulty of cryptocurrency network will be adjusted frequently. Your mining income will decline with the increasing mining difficulty.

  • Identical BTC/BCH deposit address

    Since most users get easily confused with BTC and BCH deposit address, to guarantee maximum protection of your asset and avoid it from happening again, ViaBTC has made the two addresses identical. After each deposit, we will identify your coin and process systematically so please rest assured.

    Set auto withdrawal

    You can go to “Wallet” in navigator bar to switch on "Auto Withdrawal" and set a default wallet address to receive your daily mining payouts.

    Withdrawal fees

    You need to pay necessary transaction fees for an instant withdrawal but we will cover your fees for auto withdrawals.

  • Pool Statistics

    Blocks mined by ViaBTC will be synchronized in our pool statistics, and please check here for block records.

    Set mining difficulty for miners

    Set password by “d=xxxxx” to fix the mining difficulty of a miner. Recommended difficulty=m (TH/s)*1000 (eg. for Antminer S9, m=12, d=12000).

    Sudden drop of pool hashrate

    Some big miners in our pool may occasionally encounter a power cut or they need to move their mining farms for lower electricity cost. But the hashrate drop won’t affect the mining payouts of other miners.

    Inactive worker/hashrate drop

    Sometimes miners in your account will become "inactive" and your hashrate drops when they are in fact still working.The situation might be caused by the following reasons:

    1. When setting miners, you might have come across malfunction in regard of mining stratum URL/worker ID/password/mining software etc. Please check settings of inactive workers first and contact account manager for assistance when in need.

    2. Server nodes of our mining pool are distributed all over the world. Consequently, in the process of transmission, user data might be delayed due to slow network and further result in hashrate display malfunction. In this case, our backend will not stop the allocation of income for active workers and changing mining stratum URL at that time might cause unnecessary loss, so please do NOT change mining stratum URL.

    Generally speaking, if your hashrate drops due to display malfunction, ViaBTC will add up the proportion in the next hour to balance your daily average hashrate.

  • “Reject rate” and calculation

    The mechanism for a mining pool is that the pool continues to send out calculation tasks to miners and miners submit results to the pool. But sometimes when network delay happens, miners’ submissions during the period won’t be admitted by the pool as it has gone invalid. Reject rate is invalid submissions against the total.

    Sudden rise of “Reject rate”

    It may be caused by internet instability, which doesn’t happen often. Please check your internet connection if it lasts too long.

    “Luck” and calculation

    Luck = Mining Difficulty/Work Shares of A Pool. The less shares the pool contributes to mine a block, the luckier it is. Luck is an important factor for mining and it fluctuates frequently. But in the long run, the average luck will be close to 100%.

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