Announcement of VIAT quarterly repurchase & burning (April, 2019)

2019-04-01 18:33:57

Dear ViaBTC users: According to the applications of VIAT, from January to March, 2019, ViaBTC has repurchased a total amount of 41,536,761.7907711 VIAT in secondary market and we burned these VIAT on April 1st, 2019 (UTC). The details of repurchase and burning are as follows: Repurchase Details Total mining revenue of Q1, 2019: 569.4463936 BTC (EST. 13,837.97219059 BCH) For repurchase (20%): 113.88927872 BTC (EST. 2,767.59443811 BCH) Avg. price: 0.00006663 VIAT/BCH Repurchased amount: 41,536,761.7907711 VIAT Burning details To address: bitcoincash:qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqfnhks603 TXID: 2b33c37fc81f4182b4a241365c7db35a1c2d6e8ef20af2fb3d2ef6ad54665a96 After burning, the total circulating amount of VIAT is 1,918,651,808.85024. ViaBTC reserves the final rights of explanation for this announcement.

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