Announcement of VIAT repurchase & burning (Jan, 2019)

2019-01-04 09:40:49

Dear ViaBTC users:

According to the applications of VIAT, from Oct to Dec, 2018, ViaBTC has repurchased a total amount of 39,811,429.35899273 VIAT in secondary market and we burned these VIAT on Jan 3rd, 2019 (UTC). The details of repurchase and burning are as follows:

Repurchase Details
Total mining revenue of Q4, 2018: EST. 7,285.628806116661 BCH
For repurchase (20%): EST. 1,457.1257612233321 BCH
Avg. price: 0.000036600689417201043 BCH
Repurchased amount: 39,811,429.35899273 VIAT
Amount of October: 8,850,478.860797675 VIAT
Amount of November: 23,352,309.553392444 VIAT
Amount of  December: 7,608,640.944802613 VIAT

The monthly revenue may vary since mining is subject to luck and other unpredictable factors. To drive the process of quarterly disclosure, the repurchase in December (2018) had already begun prior to the accounting.

Burning details
To address: bitcoincash:qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqfnhks603
TXID: 3451f2dc7f739c13becacac4809b7dcce363ab0d14b9b1111c7aa11c12528b0b
After burning, the total circulating amount of VIAT is 1,960,188,570.64101.

Total revenues of all pool in Q4
BCH: 145.94664747
BTC: 292.827753885
BTM: -51.99406362
DASH: 202.590367002
ETC: 287.927090787
ETH: -99.83231596499999
LTC: 3540.6616814729996
XMR: -54.936244566
ZEC: 88.08626616000001

Real-time rate against BTC
BCH: 0.04526253017729267
BTM: 0.00002061
DASH: 0.02132975
ETC: 0.00137608
ETH: 0.03298656
LTC: 0.00796832
XMR: 0.01256290
ZEC: 0.01573619

ViaBTC reserves the final rights of explanation for this announcement.

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