Merged Mining: Mine BCH/BTC & Get additional SYS/EMC

2018-05-20 13:06:09

Dear ViaBTC users:

At 13:14, May 20th, 2018 (UTC+8), ViaBTC added two new coins to Merged Mining: miners can now get additional SYS/EMC for mining BTC or BCH.

New coin of Merged Mining

1. Emercoin (EMC)
Ratio: Mine 1 BTC Get 0.2 EMC

2. Syscoin (SYS)
BCH: Mine 1 BTC Get 5 SYS; Mine 1 BCH Get 1 SYS

After readjustment, the ratio of Merged Mining are as follows:

BTC: Mine 1 BTC Get 2 NMC, 5 SYS & 0.2 EMC
BCH: Mine 1 BCH Get 1 SYS
LTC: Mine 1 LTC Get 800 DOGE
Attention: ViaBTC reserves the right to readjust ratio of merged mining due to adjustment of mining difficulty, hashrate fluctuation etc. 

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