ViaBTC will soon support BTM mining

2018-04-23 19:38:19

Dear ViaBTC users:

To meet growing demand of mining diversification from users all over the world and provide with a wider range of mining selections, ViaBTC will soon release a new mining pool for BTM mining.

What is Bytom?

Bytom Blockchain Protocol is an interactive protocol of multiple byteassets. Heterogeneous byte-assets (indigenous digital currency, digital assets) that operate in different forms on the Bytom Blockchain and atomic assets (warrants, securities, dividends, bonds, intelligence information, forecasting information and other information that exist in the physical world) can be registered, exchanged, gambled and engaged in other more complicated and contract-based inter-operations via Bytom. Bytom is a pioneer in the combination of block chain and artificial intelligence.

ViaBTC is dedicated in bringing stable and better mining service as well as more diversified mining option to our miners and we would love to help construct Blockchain ecological network. According to Bytom official team, their mainnet will be online at 14:00 April 24th, 2018 after a series of development and testing. Meanwhile, ViaBTC will soon release our own BTM mining pool and support its mining.

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