Temporary adjustment of maintenance fees for S9 cloud mining contracts

2018-01-11 19:01:22

Dear ViaBTC users:

In the past 14 months, ViaBTC cloud mining service has covered over 50 countries and regions in the globe, served tens of thousand cryptocurrency investors and received great popularity all over the world. We are very grateful for your love and support and will continue trying our best in providing more investment options.

Recently, due to policy changes, some of our long-term hosting partners are facing a crisis of farm closure as mining resources in Mainland China become more scarce, leading to rocketing costs of our cloud mining operation. To guarantee the long run of cloud mining, ViaBTC has no choice but have to readjust our maintenance fees. The arrangements are as follows:

1. S9 contracts: From UTC time 8:00 12th January 2018, maintenance fee ratio for S9 contracts will be temporarily adjusted from 6% to 50%
2. L3/D3 contracts: Maintenance fees for L3/D3 contracts will REMAIN 6% and L3/D3 redemption is NOT yet available.

S9 contract redemption supported

If you disagree with our temporary readjustment of maintenance fees, you can choose to terminate your S9 cloud mining contracts in advance and let us redeem all your contracts with a price of $300 per share (calculated against real-time rate into BCH at time of payment).

Please refer to our follow up announcement for redemption time.

How to apply for S9  contract redemption

1. Please apply with an email to [email protected] BEFORE UTC time 12:00 18th January 2018.
2. Please send application with your registered Email address in ViaBTC or your application will be INVALID.
3. Please include your ViaBTC account details (eg. Your registered Email, binded mobile and miner nickname).
4. Please WRITE DOWN the following sentences on a piece of paper, take a picture hand holding the paper (Please show your entire face) and have it attached to your Email:

  • Title: [Application] Account nickname - S9 Redemption
  • Content: 
I, Account nickname, 
(Registered Email in ViaBTC: XXX; Binded mobile: XXX) 
agree to the following terms of redemption of all my S9 cloud mining contracts at a price of $300 PER Share

Signature: Account nickname
Time: 11.Jan.2017

At present, we are looking for cooperation overseas and have sped up our oversea mining farm construction in order to resume operation of cloud mining as early as possible.
Thank you all for your long-standing support and trust in ViaBTC.
ViaBTC promises: This is a temporary adjustment and we are trying our best to provide high-quality cloud mining service in the best interest of our users.

Please feel free to drop an email to [email protected] if you have any questions.

ViaBTC reserves the rights of final explanation for this statement.

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