The more average growing hashrate per day, the more BTC you may get
Top 100 growing hashrate users per day will grab a share of 1.5 BTC
Rankings of growinghashrate users
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The more accumulated earnings, the more BTC you may get
Top 200 accumulated earnings users will grab a share of 1.5 BTC.
Rankings of accumulated earnings users
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Connect BTC hashrate for fee discount
During the promotion, ALL miners, as long as you’re mining BTC on ViaBTC during the event, are qualified to enjoy a fee discount up to 40% off. Users with more than 5P may enjoy higher fee discount. Please contact our manager.
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40% off
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ALL miners, as long as you’re mining on ViaBTC, are qualified to win a chance
1st Round Lucky Draw - Double 12: 02:00 December 12 ~ 16:00 December 13(UTC)
2nd Round Lucky Draw - Christmas: 02:00 December 24 ~ 16:00 December 25(UTC)
05:00 November 25 ~ 16:00 December 25(UTC)
Gift 1 for BTC mining: Grow hashrate, grab a share of BTC
1. Rankings of growing hashrate
According to the difference between the average daily hashrate during the event and the daily average hashrate of the previous month, the rankings of the top 100 are calculated.
The calculation of average daily hashrate before the event: From October 20 to November 20, 2019 (UTC), the total accumulated hashrate ÷ the number of online days
The calculation of average daily hashrate during the event: the total accumulated hashrate during the event ÷ event days.
2. How to divide up
According to the ratio of the hashrate growth value to the total value of the TOP 100 users, 1.5 BTC is divided up. User A among the top 100 can get BTC=User A hashrate growth value/Total value in rankings*1.5BTC.
Gift 2 for BTC Mining: Accumulate earnings, grab a share of BTC
1. Accumulated earnings rankings
According to 50% of the accumulated earnings of the user in the previous month before the event and the mining earnings accumulated during the event, we rank TOP 200.
Attention: During the event, only those have greater than 0 accumulated mining earnings are qualified for the top 200 rankings.
Accumulated earnings of user B = accumulated mining earnings from October 25 to November 25 *0.5 + accumulated mining earnings from November 25 to December 25
2. How to divide up
The BTC is divided up according to the proportion of the accumulated mining earnings to the total mining earnings of the ranking users'. TOP 200 users share 1.5BTC. The user C among top 200 can get the accumulated earnings of BTC = accumulated earnings of user C/the total earnings of TOP200 users*1.5BTC.
3. Reminder
If the daily average hashrate during the event grows 1E, top 50 users accumulated earnings may additionally grab a share 1BTC.
BTC Mining 3 Gifts: Fee Discount
1. Applicable conditions
The fee discount applies to mining BTC in PPS of the main account and all sub-accounts;The fees will be resumed as usual after the event. This discount is applicable along with other discounts.
2. Fee Discount
The minimum fee discount you enjoy is adjusted according to your daily average hashrate. It is adjusted once every day at 1:00 (UTC). Because the daily average hashrate is calculated automatically. There might be delay of data update. Please refer to the final adjustment.
ONLY main accounts are qualified for the promotion. All the hashrates of sub-accounts will be counted into main account. The ranking reward for daily growing hashrate and accumulated mining earnings will be allocated within 7 business days after the end of the event, and the fee discount will take effect immediately.
* ViaBTC reserves the rights of final explanation of the rules.